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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lunch With The Cushmans

My editor Randolph Murray got a call this morning about a whole bunch of
Cushman scooters at the Museum of Aviation. He told me about the call, and I
thought it might be a good photo.

I knew last year that there was a big Cushman gathering in Cochran, and figured this was the same group. Thought I might get a picture and cutlines, maybe as they
rode away.

It was the same group, a rally sponsored by the Southeastern Cushman Club. They were eating lunch and would leave in about an hour. I spent the time talking to these Cushman aficionados and shooting pictures.

Any time you get around folks with a passion for something, you will get great pictures and a good story. My long cutlines turned into an eight inch story.
Any time you are around anyting with two wheels and a motor, you gonna meet some great people and find good pictures. That is one of Danny's basic laws of

They will be around Cochran for the rest of the week. If you run across them, take the time to greet them, and take some pictures.

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