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Friday, March 28, 2008

Shooting The Richard Fendley

I was shooting the Fendley Relays yesterday afternoon in Warner Robins.
I don't shoot enough track. Over the years I have shot the pole vault
event very few times. Usually I end up doing the running events, and sometimes
the high jump or long jump. Guess there are not that many great
highschool pole vaulters. This year Warner Robins Atain Jones is
different. He is kicking butt.

Yesterday he did 13' 6" during practice with a bum ankle. I was
at the west end of the track waiting for him to do his thing.
The 3200m was being run.

I noticed the sun was kinda low and had an idea. With
the 15mm and the camera laying in the grass I could
get the sun and the runners. I wanted the runners to have some
detail, but still have the sun looking big in the sky.
I went totally manual. I prefocused to where they
would pass by me, and metered for the sun and sky.
The first lap I shot was a bit too dark. I opened up
a stop and shot again.

The next lap I got these. I really like the three runners best, the
way they fill the frame.

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