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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Conversation With A Survivor

One of the things about my job I love is that I get to meet some awesome people.
I met one this morning.. I was over in the Flamingo Drive area photographing storm damage and turned down Villa Crest Avenue. I had passed the street earlier, and when I came back by something made me turn in. I went to the end of the street and found a neat little blue house covered in trees. I also found Ernest Butts.

Not only were trees on the house, but a tree crushed his well-kept 1989 Cadillac.
Mr. Butts has driven an ice cream truck for the last 14 years, and only last week got it ready for this year. Trees were on the ice cream truck as well. Someone stole his television Monday while he and his wife were gone. But he was still smiling.

Sunday morning he walked out on his front porch after the tree fell on his car. He was almost hit by a pine tree that fell through the porch roof. "I am a Korean War veteran" he said, "but I have never been so scared." He went back inside, "We got on our knees and prayed and prayed.

He has been through all this and then I show up. I am so honored to have him share his story with me. Only hope I did it justice.

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