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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Macon After The Storm-Stepping up and Reaching Out

I spent Tuesday working in Macon. Sometimes I miss roaming the streets of Macon looking for pictures.

Still a great town inhabited by such wonderful people. Still home to me in so many ways.

It is a shock seeing the damage caused by Sunday's storm. Worst I can remember in my time. I can't compare it to the flood. One thing that comes out again is the way the people of this town react to a crisis such as this. Like Bridget Teasley said yesterday "Hey we are still breathing, so we keep on going." She was sitting on a fallen tree in her yard with children and friends. Too hot in the house with no air.
She said of Sunday morning "After we knew we we not hurt we had to check on our neighbors. She has a lot of elderly folks near her. "I climbed a fence in a dress and plastic shoes," she said. But she made sure they were okay. Now they are coping, waiting for the power to come back on, school to resume for the kids.

Macon Police officer Joseph Calloway and Donald Johnson were in the middle of the intersection of Eisenhower and Bloomfield Drive directing traffic around a city crew repairing traffice signals. Those two guys are brave. Scary enough being in a intersection on Eisenhower yesterday in a car.

Dennis Pennymon shared his faith in both God and his fellow Maconites while clearing a fallen tree from his front yard. Folks in retail stores along Eisenhower
trying to get their businesses ready to reopen. Others like James and Jarod Fry
taking the time to help their friends get back to normal. Others like Shane Stewart and Coty Collins doing for folks they don't know, giving out cold water and peanut butter sandwiches to people with no power. A lot of love, a lot of caring.

Yep, when the time comes, Maconites have a way of stepping up and getting it done, and looking after each other in the process. Makes me proud.

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