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Friday, May 30, 2008

Some OLD Old Images

My film scanner died on me a while back. I packed it up to ship away, and never sent it forrepairs. I figured it would be just as cheap to buy a new one. I was about to place my order
and decided to try the old one one more time. I hooked it up with a different cord, downloaded
the newest driver, and guess what? It is working.

Now I want to do what I have needed to do for years....scan in a bunch of old negatives and slides. Here are some I did just to be sure eeverything was working.
How old? Well the bottom image is Beau Cabell with an old Nikkormat and dark hair.
The other one is a firefighter sliding down a pole in one of Macon's fffire
stations. Pretty old.

I will share more before too long. All won't be as dramatic as Beau with dark hair.

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Sharon's New Life said...

Wow, now I see why all those ladies were after the two of so.... and both of you kept those great looks!

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