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Monday, June 2, 2008

"I Saw Jesus Driving An Oldsmobile"

I have always loved downtown Macon. So many great places for photographs. Any time
you want to take the time to spend an hour walking downtown, you can find an interesting image.

I have a longtime fascination with the downtown alleys. My uncle, Ed Warren, introduced me to photography. He also introduced me to the alleys of Macon. When I was a kid, downtown Macon was thriving. My uncle knew the shortcuts through the alleys, and whenever you rode with him downtown, you got the alley tour. Seeing people working, other just kida lurking, turning up a bottle.
Those images stuck.

Cecil Bentley, Telegraph writer and fellow Macon native, and I decided in 1982 to do a story on Macon's alleys. We spent some time roamng these passages and I shot what has to be one of my all time top five images. "I Saw Jesus Driving An Oldsmobile." W Whatinspired this bit of grafitti? ZZ Top sang about Jesus leaving Chicago heading for New Orleans, but didn't say anything about what he was driving.

The photo has a certain mystique, and is truely a Tri-X moment. Color would not be the same.

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