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Monday, June 30, 2008

Remember Drew?

Got a phone call from a true friend today. Not just a friend, but someone I admire and respect greatly. Telegraph readers will probably remember Drew Brown. He grew up in Macon, and worked here in Warner Robins with me for too
short a time.

He is one of the best reporters and writers I ever worked with. Not all good reporters are good writers, nor good writers good reporters. We covered some cool stuff together, and our working styles always meshed.

Drew is an Army Ranger who jumped at the chance to cover the war in Afghanistan when it cranked up back in 2001. He initially went as a KnightRidder writer, and now works with Stars and Stripes. Turned out to be a pretty decent photographer as well.

One of the neatest things we did was while covering the 116th Bomb Wing's dedication of Memphis Belle nose art on one of their planes. Col. Robert Morgan, the World War II Memphis Belle's pilot flew in on a B-17 that was a recreated Memphis Belle. Drew and I were invited to fly aboard the B-17 with Morgan.

We took off from the Macon Airport and flew around Macon until time for us to fly over the ceremony and then land. The B-17 taxied up to the waiting crowd, which included representatives from all our media competition. All the TV folks were shocked, then pretty mad that Drew and I were on board the plane. Oh, well.

Anyway, Drew went on to Afghanistan, then the invasion of Iraq. He has spent lots of time in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and is home for a short break.

Google Drew Brown Stars and Stripes and check out his stories.

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