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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nice Photo, Just Four Days Too Late.....

Last week we had a project planned for the Houston Peach centerpiece for Saturday. At the end of the week it was given, or taken, for the main paper.
Our next possible story went the same way, so at the last minute I had to scarmble
to find a photo for the centerpiece.

I knew the Museum of Aviation is getting ready for the big opening of their new World War II Exhibit Hangar, so I decided to give them a try. Was not a lot happening last Thursday, such is life. I came back with the photo below. Not much content, but if you like yellow, you are set.

Monday my first assignment was back to the Museum of Aviation for their Robotics camp. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw an aircraft just outside the huge door of the new WWII hangar building. Took a closer look, and saw it was being pressure washed. I grabbed my cameras and got down to the hangar as fast as I could, just knowing the guy would finish about the time I walked up. Knew this would be a good one.

The photo from the front, outside the building, was not too great, so I walked inside.
HELLO, here is a cool picture. The twin tails, the doorway framing the image at the top, workers silhouetted, nice clouds. Then I saw the guy reflected in the water under the plane.

Hey, where was this image last week when I so badly needed it? Oh well, guess I had my weekly quota already.

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