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Friday, June 13, 2008

My Favorite Photo of the Week

Gene Rector and I went to Robins Air Force Base this morning to cover the annual Junior ROTC summer camp. I was hoping for an image with some action, maybe a bit of drama. When we got to the group they were participating in relays, one of their team building exercises. Each participant would run a leg of the relay, and at the end of his or her section, do a set of exercises. I shot the situps and it was okay. Then I moved over to catch the next team at the pushups.

I debated on using a flash, and decided not to. Travis Avera ran his leg, dropped and began doing pushups. I dropped down for a low angle hoping to maybe get some sky above him and started shooting. I noticed teammate Sean Hoxie's hand reaching down, ready for the tag when Avera finished his pushups. I had my touch of drama. Silhouetted hand, nice sky above. Looking pretty good.

Then as Avera finished, he reached up with one hand for the tag. I had my photograph.

Digital makes situations like this a bit easier, you don't have to worry about reaching that 36th exposure and the end of a roll of film. You can work each situation and not worry about coming up short. It hurts to miss a great photo because you hit the end of a roll. The large buffer that today's digital DSRL's comes in to play as well. THe old DCS620 Kodak's that were my first digitals only had about a five frame buffer. Got bit by that puppy a few times, too.

I know I am geeting old and soft, but I do enjoy the day's newer technology.

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