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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hail Mary

I guess you could say I am kinda vertically challenged. I don't quite hit 5'6" with my cowboy boots on. Makes it good when I am shooting low angles, but sometimes I can't see over the crowd.

On rare occasions I do the old Hail Mary, holding the camera up high and popping some frames. From past experience that is usually a waste, or has been for me.
I sometimes take a short ladder with me when I know I will need the height. At home I just call my sweet wife if I can't reach something.

Yesterday while shooting the Perry Player's Theater camp I had the opportunity to want a shot from above. Noelle Goodman was doing makeup on young Rebekah Gamundi. I had shot from really low and from the side, and wanted to try shooting down. I raised the camera above them and shot five or six frames. I chimpped through them and decided they were a bust.

After downloading my files I took another look. I really like this one. Made quite a cool photo. This will just inspire me to try it again, and I am sure from the next 100 times I try, it will only work once or twice.

Well, it doesn't hurt to try.

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Sandee Davis said...

You took a great picture of my son for Safety Patrol at Byron Elementary School and I would very much like to get a few copies!

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