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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jesus And The Strawberry Shortcakes

Jesus and the Strawberry Shortcakes. This picture has always been special to me. I found it on Eisenhower Parkway one morning. I was looking for a feature photo and came across this street vendor's display. I pulled into the parking lot and immediately saw the image.

It just pulls me in every time I look at it. The lone Jesus and the Strawbery Shortcakes, then all those recurring Jesus'. The eagles top it off. I have had a bunch of folks ask if I arranged the figures before I started shooting. Nope, this is what I found.

As a Christian there is a symbolism here, too.The way my faith blends into my daily life. Lots of things can be read from this photograph.

Maybe no one else sees what I see here. Hmmmmm.

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