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Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Family Photos

Yesterday was Father's Day. Hope it was a great day for you all. It was one of the best Father's Days ever for me. I spent the day with a bunch of special people. My two kids, Thomas and Tracy, my mom my wife and my first wife who is still a great friend. We traveled to Columbus to my mom's. My dad passed away five years ago, and I usually go to my mom's house on Father's Day.

We had a great day visiting, but the day was made a bit more special by looking at some old photos. We went through some old albums. A lot of these images I had forgotten existed. The kids both wanted copies of a bunch of them. Quite a few are old polaroids like these of my mom and dad with Thomas and Tracy. so they are the only copies. I brought one album home to scan a bunch.

We all have old photos. Some are arranged neatly in albums, some are just stashed in boxes. Take the time to sort them out and preserve them. Scan in the important old ones, put them on CD's and give them to folks who will appreciate them.

Treat them like the bits of history that they are.

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Anthony Gilleland said...

Uncle Danny those are some great photos! That really made my day!

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