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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Klan March In Macon

Here is another bit of Macon history for you. This is a set of images from the 1970's, a Saturday Ku KLux Klan march through downtown Macon. Klan leader David Duke
led the parade. Seems he was the only one who had any fashion sense at all.
Check out the dude with the mixed plaid and checks, no wonder they wore
sheets, an improvement.

The march was from the Coliseum parking lot to City Hall where Duke and others
spoke and tried to sign up new followers. The police presence was quite heavy.
So was the media presence. Fellow Teleegraph photographer Andy Jones is seen
in the photo above on the extreme left of the image. Another friend and fellow
Telegraph staffer William Berry was there as well. How could you not come and
photograph the occasion.

A good many people lined the streets, and gathered at City Hall. The majority of the onlookers were minority, and kept their cool through the entire time. They responded to the Klan hate with humor.

Hate is such a terrible, wasteful thing.

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