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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Week That Was

It has been a good week, happy with my pictures. Today was a great end to the week. The Museum of Aviation had the opening of their new World War II Hangar Exhibit. It was neat photographing the World War II vets who were on hand. Some of them, like William Smith, can still wear their uniforms. I can't get my fat butt into pants from 5 years ago. Pretty depressing.

My last shoot of the day was a group protesting gas prices. About time someone did an organized protest. Made nice images as well. Our Houston Peach editor saw them on Watson Boulevard and called to let us know.

I spent some time yesterday shooting a paving crew resurfacing Highway 49 in Peach County. If I ever needed anything to remind me how much I love my job, that did
it. I met a Freddie Flagg and Lewis Bonner out there. They spend their days on freshly poured asphalt. Flagg for 32 years and Bonner for 45 years. They love their jobs, too.

It is a wonderful thing to love what you do. A real blessing. Just glad what I love only involves short periods of being near 300 degree asphalt.

Ready to see what next week brings.

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