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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quick Tips For Composition

Point Of Interest

Identify a primary point of interest before taking the picture. Make your subject dominate the photograph. Move in tight.


Be sure that the only things you want the viewer to see are in your viewfinder. Watch for clutter in the background. If you can't find an angle to isolate your subject, consider shooting with a longer lens with less depth of field.

A light subject will have more impact if placed against a dark background and vice versa. Contrasting colors may be used for emphasis, but can become distracting if not considered carefully.


It is usually better to place the main subject off-center. You can then balance the "weight" of the photo with smaller or less
important objects.


A "Frame" in a photograph is an object in the foreground used to lead the viewer into the picture or to give a sense of where the viewer is. Framing also gives perspective to the image. The framing object does not have to be in sharpe focus.


You can often change a picture dramatically by moving the camera up or down or, stepping to one side. One of the best ways to come up with a prize-winning photograph is to find an "unusual" point of view.

Direction of movement

When the subject is capable of movement, such as an animal or person, it is best to leave space in front of the subject so it appears to be moving into, rather than out of, the photograph.

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KellyC said...

Very good article. In a few short words and pictures, you describe basically everything one should do to keep shooting interesting pictures.

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