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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Few More Composition Tips

I mentioned the Rule of Thirds last time, here is a little graphic showing the image cut into thirds.

Disappearing Lines into Corners:

If there are strong lines in the scene, try to get them to disappear into the corner.   If the lines break into the center or the edge, it tends to divide the photo, but disappearing into a corner seems to make composition stronger.

This effect is often easily done with paths and railings.  Let the lines pull the viewer's eye into the photo.

Monotonous Content:

Some images would make killer jigsaw puzzles - they contain many examples of the same object but with deep detail allows the brain to dwell on and discover arbitrary parts of the photo.

Anti Left Right Symmetry:

The eye seems to enjoy a little surprise.  Left right symmetry is the rule in this world - many things have symmetry.  If you can find examples where there is symmetry (where it isn't expect) or symmetry is missing when it should be there, your eye will dwell to reconcile  the situation.

Using Silhouettes

Another aid to the eye seems to be the use of silhouettes.  Silhouettes allow you to form a stronger sense of scene depth because there is a colour becomes a function of depth. Dark Silhouettes at dusk are the easiest form of silhouette to form - just over expose the frame in a high contrast scene.

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