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Monday, May 12, 2008

Covering the Storm Damage

Wayne Crenshaw and I went to Laurens and Johnson Counties to report on the damage and cleanup.

I have been doing this kind of stuff in Middle Georgia for 37 years or so, and I still amazes me the way folks chip in and help one another. It also amazes me the attitude of these people after suffering loss and damage. Very positive, get it done. Just so cool.

We found Ralph J. Mullis and his friends out helping folks clean up storm damage. He has been riding around with a sign on the back of his truck "Can I Help."
Cops, firefighters and utility crews going above and beyond. The Baptist Disaster Relief Team in Wrightsville preparing meals and feeding people.

And I get to record this.

I sent my pictures from Wayne's house out between Wrightsville and Dublin. As I was driving home, I thought back to some of those road trips from the past. You spend all day shooting, really wired, and when you put the cameras in the car for the ride home, you are beat.

Time was you had a long drive back to the Telegraph, then two hours or more of processing film. To make deadline you had to stop shooting too early and hit the road, driving faster than you should. Now you usually have sent your images by the time you start driving, so you just chill and head home.

A much better way to end the day.

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