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Thursday, July 3, 2008

HDR, Too

My last high dynamic range images were processed in Photoshop CS. I had heard about the program Photomatix, but had not tried it. The stuff I had read seemed to recommend using Photoshop. I downloaded a free trial version of Photomatix yesterday and gave it a try. It is easier to use than Photoshop, and processes faster as well.

Today I tried two different images in each program. These are the results. The top image was done using Photomatix, the second was in Photoshop. I am sure with more tinkering, I could get equal results, but what a pain. Photomatix is much simpler to use. The lock and chain photo was from RAW files, The last two were JPG's.

The third image was processed Photomatix, and the last was in Photoshop. All were handheld when I shot them, which I should not have done. Photomatix does a better job of lining up the multiple images as it combines them.

If you give this a try, or you have already been doing HDR images, let me know how you do.

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