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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Fluke..Check Out This Sky

My friend Gary Harmon emailed me this morning asking about my radio slaves. I sent him a link to the B&H Photo website to check them out. This afternoon we were both shooting the Warner Robins little leaguers departing for the regional championship games. He was asking about how they worked and I told him I would show him after we were done shooting.

Anyway, I took my flash with radio slave out to show him and fired off a couple of frames. I was holding two flashes in one hand, the camera in the other. The camera was about waist high, and I was not aiming it. He was in front of the camera.

This photo was one of the frames. Kinda cool. The color one is okay but it makes a killer black and white. This is a real fluke, the flash and camera were both on manual.

If you want to make a black and white from a color image, in Photoshop just go to Image, down to Adjustments, then to Desaturate. It leaves the image as an RGB. If you want to make a print you will get better quality black and white than by printing from a Grayscale.

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Liz said...

See, I told you I keep up with Gary through your blog. Didn't expect to see him so soon, though. Cool photo.

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