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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Little Help Is A Good Thing

I photographed a wedding Saturday, Amy and Nathan were the bride and groom. My shooting style for weddings is like almost everything else I shoot, documentary-style. I do much better if I go and cover them like any other event I shoot. Serendipity rules!

Although my approach is doing mostly candids, there are still some you pictures you gotta have, such as the cake and toast. I always try to do something a little different. Saturday I got down low with the glasses prominent in the foreground with the idea of shooting one with the bride and groom out of focus in the background, then reaching for the glasses.

I shot one frame, and then Nathan bent down and kissed Amy. I stayed low and kept shooting. The first frame was a bit dark, but on the last frame someone on the left side pushed their shutter button the same instant I did. The extra light really made the image much better, lighting them and giving some separation between them and the glasses.

Just a little free off-camera lighting.....sweet.

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