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Monday, July 28, 2008

Reflections of Band Camp

Sorry I have not posted lately. I had a death in the family last week and just didn't have time.

Last Tuesday I spent my morning sweating with the Warner Robins High band. They are out each morning getting prepared for football season. The band was working on their marching routines, learning new stuff. They were concentrating on marching in the mornings, then inside later in the day working on the musical part.

I was glad they had a few instruments on the field, even if they were not playing them. I saw a row of Sousaphones on the sidelines, and knew I wanted an image with them. I had planned on getting low and shooting across the instruments and having marchers in the background.

Before I could get a picture they took a break. I noticed the reflection in the bells of the horns. I tried to shoot with the 300mm, but too little depth of field. Kinda worked but not quite. Tried vertical and horizontal. I swapped for my 70-200 and shot at 200mm and got what I wanted.

Anyway, when you are shooting be sure to consider trying different lenses when you are composing your pictures. Just like moving around trying different angles, using a different lens can give you another option.


The Riverbum said...

Thanks for posting both the not-quite-there shots and the better ones. Although I would have been happy with either, your explanation of your thought process was helpful. Thanks!

John Cobb said...

I was in the band when I was in high school. Our band camp was to learn our field band marching routines for the upcoming field band competitions and to practive our songs for parades which we competed heavily. We would perform at football games to help entertain the spectators. Our director didn't like going to football games (football players versus band people sort of thing) but it came with the job. He would get a kick out of hearing someone say we had band camp to get ready for football season... :)

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