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Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Oops Is A Keeper

I went to Centerville yesterday to photograph baker Tammy Burke. I was doing her photograph for a business story. I wanted to photograph her with one of her great custom cakes. We decided on a cake, moved it onto a table and I set up my lights.
I was shooting with three lights, one to my right, one in the background aimed in from her left, and another behind the cake. It was cut down to to as low a power setting as I could get. I only wanted a little fill from it.

I began shooting from table level, and moved my angle of view up toward the top of the cake. I ended up standing in a chair shooting down for the final set of images. The second photo was from this set, and to me is the best of the shoot.

While moving the chair over by the table I accidently hit the shutter button. I do this all the time, firing three or four frames. . The bottom photo is one of those random shots. I usually get my feet and the ground when I hit the button this way. This time I got a keeper.

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