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Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Monday!!!

One of the things I like about my job is the fact that you can never be sure what you will be doing when you come to work. It keeps things interesting, to say the least. I had my day planned when I left home this morning. Or so I thought.

Friday I has set up an assignment that would give a nice photo package but would take time. After I finished I was going to Houston County High and catch the end of softball practice to get a photo of Jessica Burroughs, one of their players. I had tried to photograph her last week, but she was out of town.

When I got to the office I realized that the team didn't practice today, would be tomorrow. We needed the photo today by 2pm. H'mmmmm. What can I do?
I called Jessica's dad Joe to see if she was back in town and available. He was in Montezuma, but said he would see what he could do.

I leave for my originally scheduled assignment and see this beautiful hawk. I park, get the 300mm and walk as close to the hawk as I dare. He keeps eating. I shoot some, and then move closer. He looks up. eyeballs me and goes back to his breakfast. I shoot some more, then move in really close, less than 3o feet away. Must be really good pigeon because he takes another look and goes back to eating.

My phone rings, the hawk doesn't even look up. I catch the phone and it is Jessica's mom Alicia. She can bring Jessica to Houston County High on the way to an 11:30 appointment, will meet me at 11am. I will have about 15 minutes at the most to shoot. I tell them to meet me by the baseball field, the dugout has the HOCO Bear painted on it. That will help the the photo.

I reschedule my original assignment, won't have time to shoot it and get Jessica's photo turned in on time. I head to Houston County High. I get there early to set up my lights. New fence, the dugout is behind a locked gate. D'oh! I thought I had everything worked out.

Along comes the crew cutting the grass. I explain my plight, they let me in. Jessica and her mom arrive, I shoot for ten minutes, and have these three to turn in.

Not bad for a Monday morning.....

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Misty said...

Danny - that photo of the hawk was awesome! When I saw it in the paper I wondered how close you got and how long it took before he looked you in the lens. It's amazing what you see when you're looking.

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