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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Heritage

I mentioned that there was a death in my family last week. It was my uncle, Ed Warren. That is him above. He was more than just an uncle. He was like another father, and a good friend, and teacher as well.

He was a professional photographer, and was the reason I first picked up a camera. I went with him to shoot my first wedding when I was around five years old. He was a very patient man. This was in the old 4x5 camera era. I would hand him flash bulbs and film holders. When I was old enough I spent summers working in his studio.

He gave me my first camera, an old Brownie 127. Later replaced it with my first 35mm, an Argus C3. He taught me how to develop and print black and white. I got my love of black and white images from him. He started me on this path I have spent my life following, helped me discover and grow in this art I love so much.

He also taught me the importance of capturing these little slices of
time we call photographs, and the joy that comes from sharing them. As I look back at these wonderful images of my family he saved for us, it impresses on me the fact that it doesn't have to be a huge event to be a really great picture 50 years down the road, the little moments can be so cool years later. This photo of my mom and dad, the one of Mom and my Aunt Gould walking in downtown Macon. I just get lost in these pictures every time I drag them out.

I hope that in 2058 someone will be enjoying my pictures this much.

Thanks Uncle Ed, I miss you.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Danny. Very sorry for your loss.

Anthony Gilleland said...

He really touched us all in a special way. Unc I really would like to thank you for posting the pictures. It brings back GREAT memories of being Uncle Ed's house and looking at these same pictures when I was a young boy, and getting him on the organ to play us the Merry-Go-Round song.

Dan M. said...

That photo of your Aunt Gould sitting on the bumper of the car is a work of art, especially if it was shot on 4x5 film. Should be in a museum. It captures so much of an era that's gone forever (e.g. nylons don't wrinkle at the ankles anymore). Danny, of all your posts the ones I love the most have to do with the old B&W stuff you dig out of your attic. More, please!

Liz said...

Hi Danny,
Your post brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful legacy your uncle has in your work. I can assure you there will be loads of folks admiring your photographs for many years to come.

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