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Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Rave For Technology

I shot my first basketball game of the year last Friday night. It was in the gym at Peach County High. Also was my first basketball game with the D90. Peach County is a great gym to shoot in, except for the light. It is really dark.

There was no way to shoot decent available light back in the old film days. I could shoot available light with the D200 and barley make it work. That was 3200 ISO. The images featured some horrible color and lots of noise.

The D90 makes it work. The top image is with the D90. The bottom is from the D200. Both are from Friday night. The boys photo is with the D90 at 6400 ISO, shot 1/320 second at f2.8. The girls photo is with the D200 at 3200 ISO, exposure is 1/250 second at f2.8.

A world of difference.

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