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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Time

I have posted a couple of pictures of my children, Thomas and Tracy, when they were children. Thomas is 29 now, and Tracy about to be 26.

Bless them, they grew up in front of cameras. Both their mom, Sue, and I are photographers, so they got a double dose. Some really pretty, some pretty odd.

Tracy made the comment several years ago that no one else has family pictures like our family. Not sure exactly how she meant that.

Tomorrow we welcome a new generation, Alexander Garrett Gilleland. Thomas and his sweet and beautiful wife Ann are having their first child, My first grandchild.

Deborah and I are really excited.

I am sure he will have plenty of photos taken over the next few years, and some will show up here. So, be warned.


Sharon's New Life said...

Congratulations Grandpa! I know you'll be a wonderful granddaddy to the newest member of the Gilleland family!

Beth said...

That is so wonderful, Danny!! I remember when your babies were babies!! Please pass along our congratulations to Sue, as well, if you will!! Enjoy!! This baby will certainly be a well-photographed one...please share when you get a chance!

Beth and Jay

Harry Gilleland said...

Congratulations, Danny, on becoming a grandfather for the first time. I have five grandkids now. Enjoy him!

Your poetic cousin,


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