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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Technology, Ya gotta Love It

Wow, this really ages me. This was a guy in the Macon Airport using his laptop. I think this is a Macintosh Portable. The photo is slugged as being from 1986, but I think that date is a few years too early, more like '89.

Got me to thinking about how far we have come with photography. From 1850 until the 1990's photography really stayed the same. Sure, cameras and lenses got better, film continued to get better and better. The process was still the same, silver based, wet, film and paper.

We moved into the digital age slowly. First step for most of us was shooting film and scanning it into the computer. Then digital cameras. The first good DSLR I used was a Kodak DSC620. I carried two of them for several years, and have the shoulder and neck pains to prove it.
Not a huge file, had a really small buffer, shoot more than five or six frames in a burst, and you were shut down til they uploaded.

Good quality images. At 800 ISO already better than film. Now we are shooting 6400 ISO and getting great images.

Bought a D90 last year. Wonderful little camera, great color. Doesn't break my neck.
But I still miss my Tri-X some days,

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