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Monday, January 4, 2010

Coldest Day of The Year

This morning was cold, the coldest morning of the year. Doesn’t sound like a big deal since this is only January 4, I know. Still something I thought should be recorded, duly noted in a photograph.

I looked around earlier and didn’t find anything that struck my fancy. Later in the morning I traveled to Byron for an assignment I set up last week. On the way I noticed a lot of ice shining in the sun. Looked like someone had left their sprinkler on over night.

I do love photos of ice with a bit of sunshine showing. Thought this one turned out okay. Really like the way the blades of grass show green through the ice.

Happy New Year.

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Jason Sparks said...

Brilliant KUDOS. This is MY STYLE and view of photography. You did a great job of getting LOW and pulling the viewer into a new world... right in the front yard.

I always say "take the photo no one else sees" and "get low, get in it"

You've done both beautifully.

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