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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spreading a Little Joy

I spent Friday Morning covering the Peach County Special Olympics. What a joy

to watch. The kids who are participating have so much fun. The volunteers who are helping out seem to have even more fun.

My first photo was of Daniel Floyd getting a boost from volunteer Clyde Campbell.

Daniel was a bit short for the full size goal, so Clyde lifted him onto his shoulders while he was shooting hoops. Daniel was thrilled. Clyde was having a blast. Later I saw Clyde lifting other children, and enjoying just as much with each kid.

I later photographed Jeames Lincoln(yes, an odd spelling) shooting free throws. He would crouch down really low, and then spring off the ground. Priceless expression each time. So determined.

I only hope my pictures brighten someone’s day in amounts equal to the pleasure I had shooting them.

Rock on.

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