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Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Garrett

Our new grandson Garrett arrived yesterday to be greeted by much love and a flurry of picture taking. He didn't really care, just happy with a dry bottom and a bottle of formula.
I took a 35-70mm, thinking that would be plenty long. Grandma Sue brought her 70-200mm. We ended up swapping lenses from time to time. That is her in the photo above with her D300, Daddy Thomas in in the background. Our daughter Tracy is showing Ann's mom Nancy some photos on a small Nikon.

This photo of Thomas I had in my mind for a week, baby Garrett in the nursery waiting to go to Mama Ann. The foot was too good to pass up, yhis was one I borrowed Sue's 70-200 for.
Proud Grandmothers Deborah and Sue beaming with the new arrival.
I am sure in the coming weeks, you will all be saying "Oh no, more baby photos." I will try to contain myself, but bear with me.
Thanks for all the wonderful thoughts and comments both here and on Facebook.


Alex H. said...

Keep 'em coming! That is so awesome! Congrats Gramps! ;)

Anonymous said...

You can't have too many pictures..You should see how many I have of our new one. So glad everyone is o.k. Enjoy every minute!

Sharon's New Life said...

I love all of the pictures, but especially the ones of Garrett with his grandparents!
Little ones can't have too many people to love them!

CP said...

Thanks for sharing these.

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