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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goodby, My Friend

I went to the funeral for my longtime friend a co-worker Bill Boyd today. You loose special people all through this life. Some folks grab onto you a bit more than others.
Bill and I did a lot of traveling around Middle Georgia together. Spent a lot of days cooped up in a car, an ole Marine and a long-haired hippie. He took special pleasure in introducing me to folks,and telling them that I was alright, in spite of the long hair and earrings.

Out of my 38 years at the Telegraph, those road trips with Ole Boyd were some of my favorite days. We did some really cool stories, met some wonderful folks. We had our adventures.
The real special part of those days didn’t have a thing to do with the stories we covered, but the drive time, spending it with a true friend.

The top photo is pure Boyd to me. He was being Momma for a day to triplets. That smile on his face, enjoying the moment. That’s the Boyd I will always remember.

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