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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What A Week....

This has been a hectic week, and more to come. Seemed like Monday and Tuesday went on forever. Those two days we spend laying out the paper. Some weeks go pretty well, others just grab you, well, some weeks are rough.

I found this dandelion the other morning while walking the dogs. Had to make a picture. Not sure what it is about dandelions, but ever spring I shoot a dandelion picture, most of them soon forgotten. This one is not bad.

Tonight is my first camera class. I am teaching a continuing education course at Fort valley State's Warner Robins campus. Got my handouts and my powerpoint ready. Friday night is my "Meet The Artist" session at my photography show. It will be from 6 to 8pm at Fort Valley State's Fine Arts Gallery on Main Street. Hope somebody shows up. If not, it will be a long night.
I will have to do an album with my show pictures on Facebook.

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