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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Show

The Photography Show is going well. I have sold a couple of pieces. That is good. It will be nice
to recoup some of the expense of printing and framing. That is me above during last Friday's "Meet The Artist" time. There was a nice turnout, and I had a lot of fun. Folks were asking some great questions. The Galley director, Chiquita Thomas, did a great job hanging the show, getting out the publicity, and even had a birthday cake for me at the opening. That is Chiquita to my left in the photo above. She is an awesome lady.

The two photos below are from the show. Both drew a lot of attention. The beer can was from last year at High Falls. I had forgotten about the image until recently when I was looking for another photo from the same shoot.

The butterfly and sunflower were done severl years ago. I have always loved the picture. Guess I will post all the images from the show on Facebook. Will let you know when I get them uploaded.

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