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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lighting the Kick Boxer

I photographer kick boxer Erica Taylor last night. I spent a bunch of yesterday afternoon thinking about lighting the photos. I knew I wanted something like the picture above. I had not been tot he area where she trains, but I figured an image like this would happen.

The big decision was one light or two. I knew I wanted the light to be on the opposite side of the dummy ( or sparring partner0 coming across to light her face. I wanted real drama in my light. I couldn't decide if I should have a light to my left, to give a little kick in the shadows.

I went with to the assignment with one light. This is not a bad photo, but could have been an awesome one. A touch of light on the back of her head, and a bit more on her gloves.

The shot below with her and sparring partner Diana Lin was done available light at 6400 ISO, and that almost was not enough. Anyway, not a bad evening of pictures.

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