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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Black and White

It is amazing the difference black and white can make. Often I will see a photograph as black and white when I am looking through the viewfinder. Other times I will try an image in black and white to see how it looks. Some subjects just lend themselves to black and white. One of my favorite images was shot in color years ago. Last year I decided to convert it, and like it even better as black and white.
I shot almost exclusively black and white for so many years, guess it is just burned into my brain.
The images included here were all done digitally last year and in color. It is easy to make digital images into monochrome. You can go to Mode and just make them Grayscale, and you got black and white. I usually leave my images as RGB's and desaturate them. Desaturate is under Image and Adjust in Photoshop. If you want to print them later they do better saved as RGB.
Using Desaturate is the easiest way to make a black and white mage, with part still color.
If you are still shooting film, try some of the C-41 process black and white film. C-41 is the chemistry for doing color print film. You can shoot black and white and still have it processed anywhere. Sometimes the printing kinda lacks, so find a good printer. Even better, have your images put on CD, play with them in an image editing software, save them as RGB's and then have them printed.

Play with it. Give black and white a try. It is a really cool way to see the world.

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Alex H. said...

I know what you mean. I took a shot the other day, intending for it to be black and white. After desaturating it and viewing both the color and BW for a while, the color version became my favorite. But then other shots I "intend" to be color end up looking better in B&W...go figure!

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