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Friday, May 25, 2007

Gladys Lasky

I came across some really old photographs. These were shot at Gladys Lasky's ballet studio on Mulberry Street. Her studio was upstairs, hardwood floors, huge windows at one end of the room, a wall of mirrors.
So much character. I fell in love when I walked in the downstairs door and headed up those long narrow stairs the first time. Such a great place to shoot.

Then I fell in love with Gladys. She came to Macon in the 1950's from London after falling in love with Pulitzer Prize winner George Weller. Gladys was a strict task master for her students, and for any photographer who came her way. I knew nothing about ballet, just wanted to make some neat photos. I learned from Gladys how cool it is to learn from your subjects. Something I still love about this job.

A good photographer is a sponge. He listens before he shoots, learning about his subject. How else do you know what to do with them. Lets you put them more at ease, and capture their true essence. You store that knowledge, and become a bit more rounded. A good thing in this life.

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Anonymous said...

First - it's "Gladys" not "Gladsy."

Second - Anthony is Gladys' son. Anthony's father was Pulitzer Prize winner George Weller, who died in 2002. I don't think it would be an overstatement to say that George was the love of Gladys' life. George was not from Macon. Anthony, however, is a native Maconite, and an accomplished author and jazz guitarist.

You are absolutely right about the light in her studio. Your images are very nice.

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