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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

McDonalds and Palm Trees

The McDonalds in Fort Valley has been torn down, no more Big Macs for three months. I had been watching the old building, wanted to shoot the demolition. Knocking down the Golden Arches. That would be a classic photo. Went by Tuesday morning and no activity. Went by Wednesday morning and the building was gone, tractors piling rubble and loading into waiting trucks. Where do you take chunks of McDonalds and where is the grease?

Fort Valley has a lot of palm trees. All along the railroad by the old depot building. Always thought that was cool. Made my adopted home town kinda special. Story I heard was that the railroad planted them back in the early 1900's so all the folks passing through on the way to Florida would think they were getting close.

Anyway, back to McDonalds. I was sorry I had missed the demolition of the building. Started on the back side of the lot, trying to get the rubble and the Golden Arches, which were still standing. Didn't work too well. Had a photo that was usable, with a sign saying they were closed for reconstruction. I went to the other side and there was my photo. Golden Arches, palm tree, and Drive Thru painted on the pavement. Toss in the rise in the land, wonderful sky, and I love this photo. So sweet when I stumble onto the right place.

Charlie Kelly, an AP photographer and one of my mentors always said the true secret of being a photographer was knowing where to stand. So true.

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Alex H. said...

Very good. Same goes for me. Went by one day and it was there. The next time I passed it was gone and cleaned up :(

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