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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Found Pictures

We all see those totally out of place things by the roadside, often a photo begging to be taken. Too often I just pass them by. I find myself stopping and shooting a photo more often now. Guess I am getting old, and not sure how many exposures I have left.

I have a rubber duckie on my desk at work that was a found photo. It escaped from some kind of game. Looks a lot like the old river racing rubber ducks, or a carnival game. Has a number on the bottom, and is quite the worse for wear. I saw it one day on Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins. It was by the curb, near a puddle of water. Yeah, back when it rained. I was in a hurry so I didn't stop. On the way back from my assignment, I stopped but it had been moved away from the puddle. My photo not there any longer. Over the next couple of days I would check the duck, finally got my photo, he was where I wanted him for my image. After I shot my photo I rescued him.

The photo above is a picture I found while out walking in Fort Valley one night. Perfectly good bicycle laying on the side walk. Had to shoot it, the night adding to the mystery. The umbrella was on the curb was one Sunday morning after a pretty sereve storm. Wondered where it blew in from. Was late for church, but had to turn around and go back for the photo.
Add a little mystery to your life, stop and push the shutter button.

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wilton walton said...

re: Unbrella.
It was near Khoury's on Main Street. Probably one of theirs. They often leave signs and stuff outside at night. Often they leave their "shoe sale" sign out over long holiday weekends. Great guys at Khourys, but a little on the slack side!

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