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Friday, June 1, 2007

Willie B

This is one of my favorite photographs. This is Willie B, who was a resident of the Atlanta Zoo. Not sure how I feel about zoos. Hate to see any wild thing in captivity.

There are only a few of my photographs that I really have ever spent a lot of time viewing. I mean really sitting and looking at. Don't know how other folks are about their art, but while I have pictures I like to look at, other favorites, this one shot 20 years ago still pulls me in.
It has such a peaceful quality about it. Is he seeing beauty in this golden leaf? Is it lunch? Was he content with his life? Here sits this huge powerful creature, at this moment a thing of beauty.
And I was blessed to come along and record it.


Sue Sapp said...

Beautiful shot. Makes me sad to know he's gone.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when they finally got a girlfriend for Willie B.? I think it was wonderful!

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