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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Using Flash

Had a comment from a reader about using flash, regarding harsh shadows.
These photos were all done with flash, but I bounced the flash off the ceiling.
You can't do it with a built-in flash, and works best with a flash with a movable head. Tilt the head up so it is pointed to the ceiling and shoot away. The light is indirect, (bounces around the room) for an even look. No harsh shadows. With most flashes you can still shoot in an automatic mode when using this technique

Slow your shutter speed down to make use of the ambient light in the room and your pictures will look even more natural.
A lot of flashes now have a small white reflector that you can use when doing bounce flash. This kicks a little light into your subjects face to fill in shadows caused by the light bouncing down from above.

The bottom photo shows a flash with the head pointed up, and the small reflector deployed.
If you have to use direct flash, try slowing the shutter speed down to use the ambient light. Just read your exposure meter to see what shutter speed you need for the aperture used with the flash.

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