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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So Nice

Sometimes things just work so nice.

I had to photograph Robert Church in Fort Valley two weeks ago. Went to his home
with no idea for a picture. He is a very interesting man, who has lived 97 years on this earth. I had met him before, photographed him during the Fort Valley 150th Birthday Celebration. He was demonstrating old farm equipment.

After talking to Jake Jacobs, the writer doing the story, I thought I would shoot a nice portrait of Mr. Church, and pull one of the other pictures to run with it. When I got to his home, we talked and he showed me through the house. This room is an art gallery he built for his late wife Ruby's paintings.

I knew this was the location for the picture. Shot some from the other direction with my lights, then turned him around and used this really nice window light. He sat down and I shot this photo.

So often easy is so much better than complicated.

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