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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It is getting close to the 4th of July, prime time to photograph fireworks.
If you want to try this year, here's some things to consider.
You really need to shoot with a tripod. You should also shoot with your camera set on manual. Don't use a flash. A place to start on your exposure is f8 or f11 for your lens opening, and shutter speed around 2 to 6 seconds, using a film speed of 100.
If you are shooting digital, you can shoot and take a look to see how you are doing.
A 28-55mm range for your focal length would be good. Using a little zoom would be great. You can shoot at various focal lengths for tighter or looser images.
If you have an interesting foreground to frame your picture, it would be good. Fireworks bursts make good pictures, but can be more interesting with a cool foreground. Can be helpful to scout ahead.


Alex H. said...

Cool. Will Macon Telegraph be posting fireworks schedules any time soon?

Danny Gilleland said...

Should be in this weekend's Out and About.

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