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Monday, June 11, 2007

Old Friends

I have some wonderful film cameras that seldom get used anymore. I have gotten rid of most of my SLR's. My daughter Tracy is making use of some of my film cameras. She has quite an eye, and loves black and white. Know where she got that. I still have an F5, an 8008, and my old Nikon F. Love the F. It is purely a mechanical camera, look mom, no batteries. Probably my favorite camera of all time.
I think about selling the F5. Gary Harmon asks about buying it often. Deborah tells me not to get rid of any more. She knows me pretty well. I don't use them too often, but both the F5 and the 8008 are loaded with Black and White film.

I look through old images, and know why I want to keep my film cameras. There is something there that digital can't quite give you. Picked up some watches from Dennis Herbert Saturday, and he asked if I still shoot film. I tried to explain that subtle difference, and can't put it in words. Guess it is almost a feel. The grain, the tones. The fact that a 20mm is really a 20.
Here I am trying to decide to sell what I got, and I sometimes want to buy a rangefinder camera, get another motordrive for my F. How crazy is this? Then I look at the pictures again. Maybe it is all in my head.

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