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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Shootin With My Twin

Gary and me

The Houston County School System does its graduations in one weekend. Perry High is on Friday night, and the other four are held on Saturday, 9am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm. I spent the all day at the Ag Center in Perry last year shooting. It is kinda fun but it is a long day, but an important part of our community journalism.
The TV folks usually make a short appearance and run.

This year I got to hang with an old friend, my "Twin." Gary Harmon and I have been friends for 20 years or more. His mom has thought I was he, and an old girlfriend thought he was me. We got a few laughs from folks regarding our similar appearance. He looks a lot older, and a bunch skinnier. Just kidding. One person commented "Oh Lord, there are two of them!"

Anyway, Gary has not been doing newspaper photography for too long, but is doing quite a good job. After the second graduation he asked if my imagination goes away by the end of the day when I am shooting a whole day of the same thing. Got me to thinking. I did a better job this year than last year. A big part of that I owe to Gary. Having someone to shoot with, or against, makes me work a little harder. Don't want to get beat. It is a fun competition, and any shooter worth a darn should feel the same way. Also a lot more fun having a good friend around.

This is Gary at work......

Most of my pictures involve people, so all through the day you have different folks participating in the same kinds of events, but doing their own way. Different pictures all day long. You just have to be watching for them.
My favorite of the day was of BJ Jones taking a photo of her graduate son Ryan at the end of the Warner Robins ceremony. We were in a crowd against the back wall as the grads filed out. I traded places with her so she could get a better shot. As she started to shoot, I did, too. I had this frame where her flash lit his face. Just too cool.
That is why community journalism is so cool. It is all about people.


Sue Sapp said...

I'm not so sure I would admit being twins. I heard that Gary was once mistaken for "Big Foot"

Jenny said...

Long days last weekend but it was fun being around happy people. That grad photo of mom and son was my favorite too. I'm glad the Tele ran it.

Anonymous said...

Hey man....I really enjoyed your comments about our shooting together during the graduation...I really enjoy shooting with such a great friend...Especially one of so many years...Even though I am much younger than you and skinnier LOL...I have really appreciated all of your help over the last 2 years...
I get a big kick out of people mistaking us but it sure can get tiresome explaining it to folks sometimes...My favorite quote that I have heard is "there goes those 2 long haired camera guys". BTW, tell Sue I am not bigfoot...See ya and be cool.

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