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Friday, June 8, 2007

I spent three hours Thursday night shooting a rehearsal for a dance recital. My Saturday picture page. I am really blessed to be able to spend the time on assignments like I so often do. Some days are still really rushed, but usually I am allowed the time I need.
Also very lucky to have the space available for a picture page each week. Shooting for the Houston Peach section does have its advantages. Little did I know eight years ago the direction my job change would take me.

I had been the Telegraph's chief photographer since 1976 or so. I spent most of my time managing and very little shooting. Decided I wanted to shoot again, so here I am. My only worry was if I could still do the daily thing. My skills had gotten pretty rusty being off the street.
About two years ago we started the Houston Peach, and my fun factor hit overdrive.
I am having a ball!!!

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