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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Picture Choice

I was on the way to shoot an assignment Monday morning and passed a combine harvesting wheat in a field between US Highway 341 and Peggy Drive in Peach County. I shot my original assignment and went back to the wheat fields.

I started shooting pictures, and Ted Hughley stopped to repair a broken blade. I shot these two photos. I really liked the photo shot through the front of the machine(below), but you can't see what is happening to clearly. The photoaboveis from the low angle and shows what is going on a little clearer.

Later I shot him dumping wheat from his combine into a tractor-trailer rig. The last two photos are of the wheat flowing from the combine into the trailer. I shot as slow a shutter speed for one so the grains of wheat would blur. The other I didn't slow down on purpose, just worked that the exposure was slow enough to get some blur.
Which one would you choose? Think I will let the editor pick the repair shot, and I will opt for the photo with less blur. I like seeing more of the top of the tube and seeing some individual grains.
Lets see what the editor does.


misty said...

So how'd the editor do?
Love working with you, Danny. We see "eye to eye" on so many of your photos.

Danny Gilleland said...

You did great, as always. You were able to use both in a way that really worked. You are the best

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