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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have this thing about shooting mushrooms. Every year I have to shoot a mushroom or two. Have the same deal with dandylions. Just have to get down on my belly and shoot at least once with each. And don't ever like what I shoot. This year its been harder to find good mushroms because it has been so dry.

These are okay, like the backlight. Anything always looks better with a little backlight. One of my mentors, Joe Holloway, Jr. who shot for the Associated Press, was the king of backlight. He always shot football so it was backlit. Always really kicked butt.

I like the little bug on the bottom of the one below. Try low angles on stuff, and give back lighting a try. If you get
a really cool mushroom photo, let me know.


Alex H. said...

Nice photos. I have not figured out back lighting yet. How do you keep your subject from becoming a silhouette?

Danny Gilleland said...

You have to expose for your subject, may have to shoot in manual mode to compensate for the backlight. Bracket your exposure

TwilightCompanion said...

I love shots like this. What lens did you use, just a wide angle, or did you use any macro at all?

Danny Gilleland said...

These wre done with my little canon A540 using the macro setting, and at it's widest(about 28mm, I think)
ptrobably would have worked with my DSLR and a 20mm or so. My 20 focuses close enough to make it work

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