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Thursday, June 7, 2007

One of Those Days

Sometimes you get a photo assignment to illustrate a story at the wrong time. Several weeks ago I had to shoot art for an urban redevelopment story in Fort Valley. The city has been tearing down substandard houses, doing other improvements.
I asked the reporter where the work was taking place and was told "Well, they were working last week, and they will be working next week, but nothing going on this week." Of course we can't wait until something is happening. Gotta go out and find something to photograph. "You can shoot some of the old houses." A mug shot of a ratty house ain't centerpiece art.
So you go drive and pray. I found two older gentlemen planting a garden, Doing all the work by hand. Got out and talked to them, Found out the plot where they were planting was reclaimed land, two substandard houses had been torn down.
Okay, this is my picture. I am happy until I hear "I don't want my picture in the newspaper." Couldn't change their minds about a photo. I am about to walk off when I ask if I can shoot their hands while they are sowing their seeds. I shot this. I am happy again.

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Alex H. said...

Very good! I would not have thought of that. Matter of fact I drove around for almost 2 hours today hoping to shoot something and came home empty handed. :(

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