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Monday, May 28, 2007

Macro Work

Want to give your macro work a little zap? Make those flowers or bugs just really pop? Try using two lights. The back or side light gives depth to your subject and separates subject and background. And flash just makes the colors more vibrant. Getting the main light off the camera helps as well. I use an off-camera cord so I can move my main light where I want it. The cord gives about a 3 foot reach, so it is pretty mobile. Anytime I shoot flash, I use that cord.

The spider was shot at night using a macro lens and two Nikon SB28 flashes, one with the off-camera cord, the other one set up as a back/side light on a lightstand.
It was fired with an optical slave trigger. The second flash and optical slave are great investments. You can buy a Vivitar flash and a optical trigger really cheap. You will probably have to shoot manually.

This works great with anything you want to shoot with your macro lens, but also will work for still lifes and portraits.

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