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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Parking Garage

I have wanted to shoot in a parking garage for a while. Just one of the those things that come into my head, no real reason. Yesterday I was shooting in downtown Macon with Marissa Scott and had the chance. This is one of my images. The light was pretty hard to work with. Difficult getting my white balance, and really strong backlighting. Had some nice images, really like this one.

Don't be afraid to shoot in odd places. You can find some interesting lines and backgrounds, and light that gives you a chance to be challenged and to learn. Get permission if you need to access private property.

Scout around, find some cool places, and go make it happen.


Alex H. said...

Love this shot. Especially the way you placed her on the arrow. The angle makes the arrow look like it is coming right out of the shot at ya. Makes me think of the Silver Surfer :)

Dan M. said...

Sexy stuff. Were you trying to eliminate all color except for the arrow? How did you do it? One more question from a novice who still can't figure out all the buttons on his camera:
What's the big deal about setting white balance? Can't you set your camera on default, so you get the precise light the space gives you, and then fix any problems later in Photoshop? Does it really matter if you adjust before you shoot or after you shoot?

Danny Gilleland said...

Dan-setting the white balance manually gives you a truer color that using the default setting because you are adjusting for the light in which you are shooting. It is often much easier and less time consuming to set your white balance than to have color that is way off. If you set it after you shoot, it is too late to affect the image.
Yes I was dumping all the color but the arrow. In photoshop,go to image, adjsut, desaturate. Then use the history brush to paint the color back in where you want it.

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